Friday, 31 July 2015

Sharing, caring and saving you money

Summer is a time when there is a lot of activity going on.  Houses are being

bought and sold; renovations are happening; vacations are being taken.  It

recently came to my attention that even though we live in great communities

around this country that there are still a lot of people unsure who to do

business with. Whether you need your air conditioning serviced or have a

major project like landscaping to do, how and where do you find the trades

you trust?

Given that a lot of business is done by referrals I thought this month would

be a good opportunity for my clients to share their stories and trades people

with the rest of our community.  I will put the trades in categories and

addresses so other clients can use your great person.  I only want names

and contact information from people that you were extremely happy with

their services and that you also felt gave you good value for the money you


Names will go on the website but will only stay on as long as the service

person continues to provide excellent services to our clients.  We all want to

know we can trust the person to provide services in our best interest and

not be self-serving.  

We are looking for names in every category you can think of that has

provided some service to you such as lawyers; doctors; accountants;

salespersons (in any industry); handyman; landscapers; hairdressers; etc. 

If you know of someone please submit all their contact information to us.

Thanks for sharing and for caring.

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